Sunday, February 14, 2010

Corn Bread to Die For

Ok, let me just start off by saying, "I HATE cornbread" Seriously. It's dry and bland unless drowned in butter and honey. I don't even store cornmeal because I couldn't think of what I would make with it besides cornbread and corn tortillas (don't like those either). But my friend mentioned to me the other day that you can grind popcorn to make cornmeal and it makes much tastier cornbread.

I do store popcorn for snacking on so I decided to give it a try this week. We were having Mountain House freeze dried chicken stew for dinner and cornbread sounded like the perfect side dish, so I went looking for a cornbread recipe that looked like it wouldn't be totally awful. I found one that looked promising so I ground up some popcorn in my wheat grinder (seriously, you can do that), made cornmeal, and followed the recipe.

OH............ MY.............. GOSH!!! It was SO good! Seriously, I could LIVE off of this stuff.
I don't know if it was the recipe, or the fresh ground cornmeal, but I will never make cornbread any other way. Which is funny because before I would have said, "I will never make cornbread" Not anymore. YUMMY!!


  1. Sherida,
    Just so you know, you're my hero! Aaron and I were talking last night about your "quest." I'm copying your recipes and trying them out, making sure we've got the ingredients stored. We've been slowly stocking up for about 10 years, and we think we could live for 6-9 months on what we've got, but you're helping us out. You're awesome! (I hope you don't mind that we are living vicariously through you...)

  2. Christie,

    You are funny! I'm trying to find good recipes but it's pretty tough using food storage items only. One thing I have learned though, make sure that you try out recipes so you know you have ones your family will eat. Also, do NOT shop food storage items by price alone. There is a big taste difference in various brands. Never store something you haven't tried before. :)

  3. I'm late to the blog, but cornmeal=polenta and grits.

    A creamy polenta with hard cheese (read Parmesan), garlic, onions, squash (I like butternut), or yams, are favorites of ours. Any or all of the above in the polenta makes a filling meal. I store corn meal more for the grits and polenta than the cornbread.

    Being from the South, grits are a morning favorite of mine! You can have them like a hot cereal, let them firm up for fried "mush", and have grits and greens (or shrimp) for dinner.

    Just a thought.

  4. Thanks! I had a roommate from the south in college and man, she sure loved her grits!

  5. ok, I'm late to this party but.... where's the recipe? C'mon! You can't keep it to yourself, right? LOL I just got in some Mt. House popcorn and was looking on line for a good tried-n-true recipe for cornbread.

    1. Just use any recipe that calls for plain cornmeal.