Sunday, January 30, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

You remember that my favorite food storage website was collecting food storage only recipes? Well I submitted like 7 hoping they would choose at least one so I could qualify for a PDF of all the recipes. Good news! This week they are featuring one of the recipes that I sent in! For this week it's right there on their homepage. After this week I think it will show up on this page: Wheat Applesauce Cake This is likely to be my one and only shot at 15 minutes of fame so go check it out.

Also, I added another page to my blog today that includes a list of supplies you might not realize you should be storing, or have on hand, in case of desperate times so check that out too.

Finally, I spent a couple of days this week canning hamburger. It was SO awesome! I took lots of pictures so next week I will post all about it and how to do it. Plus, my hubby went elk hunting again and bagged a big one. He brought home at least 100 pounds of meat. We did manage to squeeze it all into our outdoor freezer but I'm going to spend this week canning a lot of the hamburger from that too. Can't wait to share with you - once you try it, you'll be addicted!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Favorite Food Storage Books

Added a new static page today that lists all of my favorite food storage books and why I like them. Hopefully you will find them as useful as I have. You can find the link near the top of my blog.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Handout Pages

So I taught a class this week (again) on living off food storage. It was the first time I taught a class to a non-food storage group though, and it was to a group of people who actually know me so it was a little more nerve racking than usual. I had a LOT of fun though! I was thinking this was the last time I was going to teach this class as I was getting a little tired of doing it over and over but after class someone asked me to come teach another one in her ward. I happily agreed. I guess this is a subject I just don't get tired of.

I have several handouts that I give out to my class that I realized I have never posted on my blog. Blogger now lets you create static pages to your blog so I decided to create a few, one page per handout. I just published the first one, it's entitled "What You Are Not Storing But Should Be" You will always find the link to it at the top of my blog. I'm going to add one more page each week until I have them all up. Hopefully that will be useful to people.

I'm considering just starting a website. That has actually been a goal of mine but I just can't imagine where I will find the time. Still, it's a worthwhile goal. I would like one that answers all the basic question of food storage and that no matter what stage of preparation you are in, you would be able to find the info you need without getting overwhelmed. I already have it all mapped out in my brain, I've just got to figure out when I can set aside a large chunk of time to do it. You all will definitely be the first to know!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

100 FREE Food Storage Recipes!

Best News EVER!! Just found out my favorite food storage website is having a contest. They are collecting recipes made from food storage only, or from shelf stable foods only. They will then publish the best 100 recipes submitted. THEN (and here's the best part) if you submit one of the winners, they will send you a copy off all 100 recipes for FREE!!

One moment while I do the happy dance :)

Having lived off food storage last year I know how hard it is to come across recipes that are good, that contain only food storage items. I have quite a few but I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for more. You can bet I've already submitted quite a few of my best. Now keeping my fingers crossed at least one of them makes the cut and I'll get a copy of all 100 they choose. For me, a good food storage recipe is better than gold.

So, I want to encourage all of you to go submit your recipes now before the contest ends. It's possible that you have some you haven't even thought of. Maybe you can even adapt one of your family favorite recipes. Wouldn't it be so great to get 100 ready made recipes to try and use? Click here to submit your recipes.

Let me know how many of you make the cut. I would LOVE to know which recipes are yours!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go......

So my husband went Elk hunting for the first time last week. Being from California we haven't had much chance to hunt but I really consider hunting skills the ultimate in food storage preparedness.

Anyway, pound for pound it was WAY more expensive than just buying meat in the store but I consider the experience well worth the cost. I told my husband, "You slay it and butcher it, and I'll cook it." Seems like a good trade off for me. :)

They bagged an Elk the first day so I had elk meat for the first time on Sunday night. It was really good! I could barely tell the difference from beef. It was a great feeling to sit at the table and eat pears that we had canned and meat that we had pulled off a mountain side. Funny how those kinds of things make us feel so extraordinary today, when 200 years ago, that was the norm.

My hubby is now on a hunting kick. He's going back out to Utah for more Elk in a couple of weeks, and then fowl hunting here in Cali in a few of months. As far as self sufficiency goes, it's hard to put a price on knowing how to hunt and prepare your own meat. I'm glad he's finally found a way that he enjoys contributing to our quest to be ever more self sufficient. Almost inspires me to learn how to sew. Almost.

I cooked up 12 pounds of hamburger last week and going back to Costco for more next week so I can can it. That will be a first for me but everyone says that there is nothing better than precooked, home canned meat. I can imagine it is very convenient when you are trying to make dinner.