Sunday, January 9, 2011

100 FREE Food Storage Recipes!

Best News EVER!! Just found out my favorite food storage website is having a contest. They are collecting recipes made from food storage only, or from shelf stable foods only. They will then publish the best 100 recipes submitted. THEN (and here's the best part) if you submit one of the winners, they will send you a copy off all 100 recipes for FREE!!

One moment while I do the happy dance :)

Having lived off food storage last year I know how hard it is to come across recipes that are good, that contain only food storage items. I have quite a few but I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for more. You can bet I've already submitted quite a few of my best. Now keeping my fingers crossed at least one of them makes the cut and I'll get a copy of all 100 they choose. For me, a good food storage recipe is better than gold.

So, I want to encourage all of you to go submit your recipes now before the contest ends. It's possible that you have some you haven't even thought of. Maybe you can even adapt one of your family favorite recipes. Wouldn't it be so great to get 100 ready made recipes to try and use? Click here to submit your recipes.

Let me know how many of you make the cut. I would LOVE to know which recipes are yours!