Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go......

So my husband went Elk hunting for the first time last week. Being from California we haven't had much chance to hunt but I really consider hunting skills the ultimate in food storage preparedness.

Anyway, pound for pound it was WAY more expensive than just buying meat in the store but I consider the experience well worth the cost. I told my husband, "You slay it and butcher it, and I'll cook it." Seems like a good trade off for me. :)

They bagged an Elk the first day so I had elk meat for the first time on Sunday night. It was really good! I could barely tell the difference from beef. It was a great feeling to sit at the table and eat pears that we had canned and meat that we had pulled off a mountain side. Funny how those kinds of things make us feel so extraordinary today, when 200 years ago, that was the norm.

My hubby is now on a hunting kick. He's going back out to Utah for more Elk in a couple of weeks, and then fowl hunting here in Cali in a few of months. As far as self sufficiency goes, it's hard to put a price on knowing how to hunt and prepare your own meat. I'm glad he's finally found a way that he enjoys contributing to our quest to be ever more self sufficient. Almost inspires me to learn how to sew. Almost.

I cooked up 12 pounds of hamburger last week and going back to Costco for more next week so I can can it. That will be a first for me but everyone says that there is nothing better than precooked, home canned meat. I can imagine it is very convenient when you are trying to make dinner.


  1. I canned hamburger and wasn't a fan of it. Very dry. I'd rather stick with canning chicken.

  2. Oh dear, hopefully it will go well then. I would hate to waste 24 pounds of hamburger for nothing.

  3. My Hubs bagged a deer this year and he feels the same way...his way to contribute to our food supply/storage as his ancestors did !

    I have missed you...glad you are back posting.

  4. Me too, I miss all of my blog friends :)

  5. I've been canning chicken and spaghetti sauce, yum! Next will be my own hamburger. I hope it turns out good. My plan is to fry it up, take out as much grease as I can, and then fill the container with the cooked hamburger and broth and then pressure process it. Hopefully that will do.

  6. Hey let me know how it goes. That is my plan too. I have already fried half of it. Have to go back to Costco for the rest.

    If hubby brings home another Elk in a couple of weeks, I will definitely bottle that up as well.