Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Handout Pages

So I taught a class this week (again) on living off food storage. It was the first time I taught a class to a non-food storage group though, and it was to a group of people who actually know me so it was a little more nerve racking than usual. I had a LOT of fun though! I was thinking this was the last time I was going to teach this class as I was getting a little tired of doing it over and over but after class someone asked me to come teach another one in her ward. I happily agreed. I guess this is a subject I just don't get tired of.

I have several handouts that I give out to my class that I realized I have never posted on my blog. Blogger now lets you create static pages to your blog so I decided to create a few, one page per handout. I just published the first one, it's entitled "What You Are Not Storing But Should Be" You will always find the link to it at the top of my blog. I'm going to add one more page each week until I have them all up. Hopefully that will be useful to people.

I'm considering just starting a website. That has actually been a goal of mine but I just can't imagine where I will find the time. Still, it's a worthwhile goal. I would like one that answers all the basic question of food storage and that no matter what stage of preparation you are in, you would be able to find the info you need without getting overwhelmed. I already have it all mapped out in my brain, I've just got to figure out when I can set aside a large chunk of time to do it. You all will definitely be the first to know!


  1. Well I hope if you start a webpage you have better luck than I did. I had a horrible time tryingto get one going for my skirt business but finally gave up and did ETSY instead and Facebook too, but I still wish I found an easy way to do a webpage. :)

  2. Sorry it didn't go well for you :(

    I do manage another website (not related to food storage) but that is also the reason I don't have time to do the food storage one :)