Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spreadable Powdered Butter - FINALLY!

I know I have fallen off the radar. Sorry. But great news! On the advice of some friends, I tried out a new brand of powdered butter, and got a new food storage book. Both are MUST HAVES!

The butter powder is from Shelf Reliance. They even sell it in a small mylar bag if you want to just try it out first. That is what I bought and I put it on my bagel for breakfast this morning. For me, that is the ultimate test. If I can eat it on toast, then it will definitely be fine for everything else. It was far and away the best that I have tried so far. Definitely edible on toast, however, I did not follow the package directions when make it. Rather, I mix it like this to make spreadable butter:

1 TBLS butter powder
1 scant tsp water
1 scant tsp veggie oil
pinch of salt or sugar (depending on which you prefer)

I actually tried one piece of toast made with the salt, and one made with the sugar. The difference was very slight but I personally did prefer the sugar.

The new book that I love is "The Everyday Gourmet Cooking with Long Term food Storage" by Shari Haag. It's not easy to find but there are places online you can get it. Believe me it's worth it. Lots of great recipes that use only food storage items.

I finally got my pressure canner gauge calibrated so that I can try canning meat. Yea! Guess I'll have to make a giant meat purchase at Costco next month :)


  1. Oh my goodness it is so good to see you on the blogs.....
    Thanks for the butter post.

  2. I've heard Shelf Reliance has great things to add to the food storage, it's nice to know they have sample sizes.

  3. I just brought some and tried it last week and I couldn't stomach it. I will have to try it with a little bit of salt or sugar. I was so excited to finally find discouraging. Good luck with canning your meat. I use mine all the time it especially great on evenings when you are in a hurry to put together a good dinner.

  4. Natalie,

    It's not good just mixed with water. Did you try it with vegetable oil and salt (or sugar)? Hopefully that will work for you because so far, this is the best one I've found.

  5. Can you bring the book next meeting in January? I'm so glad to hear you found butter you like. If we pay for a taste, can you get us one in January too? :)

  6. I can bring the book and the butter. I think Megan might have brought the book already? It was actually her find but I'll bring it.

  7. We tried it with the vegetable oil but haven't tried it with the sugar/salt..a bit afraid to try it though from our experience last time...haha! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    I did purchase butter in a can (it's expensive) but it is real butter we have been eating it all week.

  8. Yea, I have that butter in a can. Pure bliss after powdered - but too expensive to store a years worth for 8 people. :)