Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Must Be Crazy!

So I bit the bullet and decided to agree to be a guest on a blog radio show for preparedness. It's called the "Doctor Prepper Show" - so cute right?! Anyway, it's a live show so I'm pretty nervous but I figure I'm only talking about what I know so it should be fine. Plus, I usually jump at any chance to help people become more prepared.
If you want to listen in, the show will be at 11am PST on Tuesday August 2nd. You can listen in at this link. If you listen live you can call in with questions. If you can't make it for the live show you can listen to the recorded version later.
Wish me luck!


  1. Jack from the Survival Podcast would probably also be interested in interviewing you. Fill out his Guest form @

  2. You did great Sherida!!! So glad you're my cousin...I'm learning so much from you!

  3. Great interview to listen to, thanks for posting!

  4. I just listened to the radio show and I learned so much!! You did such a great job!!