Tuesday, March 6, 2012

GREAT Sale on Freeze Dried Cheese

I haven't posted in awhile but I had to get on quickly just to let you know this info.  Costco is having a sale right now on Thrive Freeze Dried Cheeses.  If you follow my blog at all, you know that cheese and butter are the two things we missed most while living off food storage.  Right now you can get 6 cans of cheese for just $169 plus FREE shipping and handling.  A quick check shows that to buy these separately from the Thrive website right now would cost $277.63 with shipping.  And that's with them on sale.

In addition, Costco also has Thrive freeze dried meats on sale with 3 cans of chicken and 3 cans of beef for just $159.99 plus free shipping.  I absolutely prefer canning your own meat to freeze dried, but if you are determined to go this direction, this is a great price.  Purchasing these cans of meat from Thrive itself would cost you $286.52.

Click here to see all of Costco's Emergency Food and Supplies and be aware that this sale is only running until March 18, or until supplies run out.  I am ordering the cheese for sure.  Costco is often a great place to look for supplies, especially if you live outside Utah because their shipping is often free.  I even got my Shelf Reliance rotating can racks from them for way cheaper, plus free shipping.

Anyway,  I hope this is a good resource for you.  Good Luck!


  1. Thanks for the deal alerts! Just bought the cheese from costco.

  2. Welcome back to the blogging world. Don't stay gone so long....Melissa

  3. I know! I've been just awful lately. In my defense, I have been busy in the real world teaching food storage classes. Just taught one on Wonder Ovens the other day. Man, I love those ovens!

  4. Wow, wow, wow, I love your blog, I just discovered it while trying to find recipes for my new wonder oven. I make a feeble attempt at a preparedness / food storage blog for our LDS Stake and I'm always looking for inspirational blogs to direct people too. I hope you don't mind but you just went to the top of my list. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Thanks Kristi! You will LOVE your Wonder Oven. I just taught another class and had one of the attendees write and tell me she baked bread in hers and it turned out GREAT! It was one of the things on my list of must haves for preparedness.

  5. You should be a Shelf Reliance consultant?! Please write me so I can tell you why! It has to do with the $$ of these packages above :)

  6. Love your blog!!! It is amazing being able to get insights from someone who has actually lived off this stuff - not because they had to, but because they wanted to so they would be prepared. Your experiences are giving me lots of great ideas for my own food storage! Thank you SO much for being willing to share your journey.

    I just had one comment...I've seen several of your posts about trying to find a solution to the food storage butter problem.

    Gossner Foods (in Utah) has shelf-stable whipping cream that doesn't need to be refrigerated, it's fairly cheap, and has about a 6-12 month shelf life. (They are in Cache Valley, but I think you can order the stuff online too.) If you add that to your food storage, you would have whipping cream whenever needed, could make your own sour cream and cream-based soups, but best of all, you could churn your own butter - the real stuff! It takes about 10-15 minutes with a KitchenAid. Oh, and you get real buttermilk as a byproduct which you could use in other recipes too.

    I think I paid between $2-$3 for a quart box last time I got some, and it made about a cup and a half of butter with about two cups of buttermilk leftover. (You can also make the butter by just shaking it, for a very, very, very long time in a canning jar, so there is an electricty-free option as well.)

    Anyway, thanks again for being courageous enough not only to live for a year on nothing but food storage, but also for being willing to share your experiences so we can learn from you!

    Oh - Gossner's also has shelf-stable milk, and just recently I found some Hershey's brand white 2% shelf-stable milk at our local Costco. It does have a good shelf-life if you rotate it. I don't know if money-wise it would be feasible to store an entire year's worth of milk in that form (plus it would take up a LOT of room) but maybe a few cases worth that you could then mix with the powdered stuff to extend it and help mask the powdered milk flavor...

  7. Oh my gosh Candi - I think I'm in love with you! :) I'm going to check that out right now. Shelf stable cream that would whip into butter would be the answer to all my prayers.

    One question, have you actually tried making butter out of it? Not all cream will whip into butter.

    Thanks again!

  8. guess i should have kept reading. you totally know about thrive cheese - of course! You're awesome. :)

  9. I seem to remember seeing canned cream in a tin can in the evaporated milk section of the grocery store . I think it was made by Nestlé, but I'm not sure . This was years ago. Those might last longer than the box kind. Has anybody ever used them before?