Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hope we don't get sick

Ok I found lots of recipes and a few books that I think I can use this upcoming year. Looking over what I can actually make with just food storage though is pretty dismal. We hopefully will still be alive but I don't think we'll be particularly healthy, and I'm positive we won't be very happy. It just reinforces for me why I want to do this though. If I see that it is totally unliveable to eat this stuff then I know I need to store different things.

I am legitimately concerned about what might happen to suddenly change our diets so drastically. I mean, we eat wheat, in the bread that I make every week, but even that is a 50/50 recipe with white flour so we don't eat a lot of whole grains. I'm worried that we all might get sick with a sudden drastic change of diet. But again, this is why I'm doing this. If I ever have to live off food storage, it's likely to be a sudden event where we would have to go to food storage cold turkey. This experience will help me plan for that. Hopefully there won't be any tummy aches but if there are I will know that is one more thing I need to make sure is planned for with what I store.

BTW, my husband is SO not on board with my little plan. My kids are excited but I think it's because they don't really realize how their lives are about to change :) Last night we had Little Caesars. I can never eat convenient fast food now without thinking "What am I going to do next year in this situation?" So basically it was pizza with a side of guilt.


  1. Okay, this is great. My first question is, do you know what all you have? I would love to see the list of what you're working with.

  2. Shauna, I do have an inventory of all of my food storage. I also have a REALLY cool rotation system. Are you looking for a list to get started? Or to add to what you already have? I'd be happy to help. Facebook me. And yes I do see the irony in blogging about cooking like the pioneers while saying things like "Facebook me" :)