Sunday, May 2, 2010

Magic Mix

I'm back to experimenting with new recipes so I expect to be back to regular blog entries. This week I made pudding pops. Nothing spectacularly innovative but my kids loved them and they were all food storage of course.

The one unique thing about them was I used Magic Mix. If you are not familiar with it, it's a base mix that you can use even in your regular life to make so many things like pudding, white sauce, cheese sauce, creamed soups, etc. The wonderful thing about it is, you can make it up and then just keep it in your fridge up to two months and it will save you time when you are cooking. So far I've used it to make the best chocolate pudding you'll ever eat, and pudding pops.

I'm going to post a bunch of Magic Mix recipes on my recipe blog plus the recipe for Magic Mix itself. Try it out now, you can easily use it even if you are not currently using your food storage. You will love it.


  1. What is exactly in Magic Mix....dairy?

  2. I've heard of magic mix but have never used it...what a fun thing to make with it!

  3. The recipe is posted under the link on the right that says "My Year Living on Food Storage - Recipes" There are two types you can make. They both have powdered milk and flour but one has butter, and the other has vegetable oil. I prefer the one with butter but if you didn't have any butter, you could definitely use the one with oil.

  4. Hi-
    I have a food storage blog ( and I LOVE your blog! It's amazing! I would love if we could maybe get a guest post from you on our blog. Please email me at hwoodbury (at) if that is something you would be interested in.

  5. Oh I've looked for that book everywhere online and can't find it...would you be willing to lend it to a sister to let her copy it? I was at your class that Pam Emick had and listened to your my husband and I are living off our food storage to see what it's like and I wanted to find recipes from that book!