Sunday, May 16, 2010

This and That....

I experimented with quite a few things the last couple of weeks, but only a couple turned out. I made popped wheat, which tastes kind of like popcorn, but my little kids wouldn't eat it. I'm going to try making it a different way this week and see if it's better.

I also tried making yogurt - two different recipes - both were disgusting. I have several more to try this week though.

I also made an applesauce wheat cake. That was yummy! The texture is a little different since it's whole wheat, but the flavor was good, and it was very moist. It calls for spooning some applesauce on top which is important because the cake is a little on the sweet side but when you add the applesauce on top it gives it the tang that it needs.

Plus I made Peanutbutter Chews. I can't find the pictures, I think I accidentally deleted them. These were a big hit with the kids though and were great for satisfying a sweet tooth. I'm not going to pretend that they are the least bit healthy, totally NOT, but, then again, what are you gonna do when you have that craving for something sweet and your living on food storage? :) Anyway, the recipe for both of these is on my recipe link.

Lastly, I found a new book that I'm SUPER excited about! Oddly enough, it came from a friend who has some pretty strong feelings against food storage. She heard what I was doing though and gave me a stack of books. In them was a little gem called, "A Bite of Independence Through Self-sufficiency" Her mom paid .75 cents for it at a thrift store and, as far as I can tell, it is out of print. I could only find expensive used copies of it online. Since I think it's out of print I'm going to post the recipes that I make from there on my blog. This week I am going to try out the yogurt recipes from there and maybe even some cheese if I have time. Can't wait! I'm pretty sure this little .75 cent wonder is going to be my #1 must have food storage accessory.


  1. I found that book at the deseret book store years ago and fell in love. It since fell apart and I have lost half of it, but it was great while I had it. (I keep looking at the overpriced ones on the internet, but I am just not willing to pay the price for it yet.) Glad you found it. It is a great resource.

  2. Sounds like a fun book! Were you making the yogurt from powdered milk? I love homemade yogurt and grew up on it, but when my mom switched to making it with powdered milk, I didn't like it anymore.

  3. I'm trying several new yogurt recipes from my new book this week Cherish. Hopefully one will be good and renew your love for it :)

    Marcella, I was willing to pay the $25+ for it on Amazon but when I mentioned that to the friend who gave it to me she said, "No way! You can just have it" I told her she really shouldn't be willing to part with it, it's like gold, but she said she wasn't going to let me pay that much money for a book her mom got for .75 cents. LOL We compromised so now she is letting me "borrow" it for the next 25 years. :)

  4. The book is available as a PDF for $14 here:

    Thank you for your informative blog.