Friday, January 15, 2010

Graham Crackers

Ok so I have to figure out things I can make that the kids (and dad) can snack on and pack in school lunches, so today I decided to try out graham crackers. They were so perfect! They tasted just like the real thing so I'm posting the recipe and a few pictures:

1/2 c evap milk
1/2 c water
2 T lemon juice or vinegar
1 c brown sugar
1/2 c honey
1 c veg oil
2 t vanilla
2 eggs slightly beaten (or reconstituted powdered eggs)
1 t salt
1 t baking soda
6 c wheat flour
cinnamon and sugar (opt)

First I ground my wheat. My 3 year old LOVES the wheat grinder. Everytime he hears me turn it on he comes running. I asked him once why he liked it so much and he said, "Because it makes so much NOISE!" Here he is with his face practically in it watching the wheat grind.

So first you mix together the milk, water, and lemon juice in a small container and let sit. Meanwhile, in a separate bowl beat well brown sugar, honey, oil, vanilla, and eggs. Combine both milk and sugar mixture with the salt, baking soda, and wheat flour. It should look like this, slightly thinner than cookie dough like in my bowl here.

Now divide into 4 equal parts. Place each on separate greased and floured cookie sheets (if you only have one cookie sheet you can bake them one after another). Roll out VERY thin. As thin as you can get it without the cookie sheet showing through. My first batch was way to thick and I ended up with a graham cracker cake. Once it's rolled out, prick with a fork. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar if you want. I did because let's face it, everything is better with cinnamon and sugar :)

Bake at 375 for about 15 minutes until they are just golden brown. Cut into strips right away. It will be soft still when you take it out but will get hard like graham crackers very quickly. Here's my finished product.

Even my picky 3 year old LOVED them. YEA!!


  1. you are amazing. . .homemade graham crackers to bad you have to dip them in powdered milk:)bu then maybe that will help the milk taste better.

  2. Cindy you are so right. No matter what I do I just can't get that powdered milk to taste good. I just keep a gallon of chocolate milk and a gallon of juice made up in the fridge so there is something else to drink! They are made from powder too but still manage to taste so much better. :)

  3. That is awesome about the graham crackers!! Good job!! On the milk thing, have you tried adding a little vanilla and some sugar? I've heard that that helps it taste better.

  4. I have done that and more. It does make it taste better, but it still doesn't taste good.

  5. "Because it makes so much NOISE!"

    If I had to pick the perfect quote ever from a three-year-old boy, that would be on my short list.