Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ok so I've been wrestling with how to give you access to my food storage recipes without cluttering up my blog. The best solution I can come up with (since Blogspot doesn't allow for multiple pages) is to create another blog and then link to it. So, on the right of this page you will see a link to "My Year Living on Food Storage - Recipes" You can click on there and it will take you to my blog that lists only recipes. I believe you will be able to sort them by searching for a certain category like "Main Dish" or "Crockpot" etc. since I have them tagged.

Now you have to remember that I am picking out recipes that taste good for food storage recipes. They are not good compared to the tri tip you had last night, or tomorrow's creamy enchiladas. Believe me, if you were living off food storage, the word delicious would take on a whole different meaning. :)

So I had a VERY productive weekend and I'm feeling much better about my ability to be able to do this. I find that I literally have to be cooking all the time to keep my family fed 3 meals a day so I spent all weekend in the kitchen. Here are a few of my triumphs this week:

I made super yummy granola bars! No recipe for this one yet because the base was a Christmas gift to us from the Bishop's family, I just added the rest of the ingredients since it was all food storage items. :) I have several recipes for food storage granola bars though and when I narrow it down to the best one I will be sure to post it.

My biggest triumph was making spreadable butter out of powdered butter! After one false start a friend suggested that I mix in some butter flavored Crisco (which I store) for flavoring. Worked like a charm! Ok, it doesn't taste like store bought butter but when you've been going without butter for awhile believe me, you'll take anything that is edible. Yea for eating toast for breakfast again!

Speaking of breakfast, my kids were raised on 2 Eggos a day so breakfast has been hard for them. So today I broke out the waffle iron and made a mountain of waffles. I bagged them up for the freezer so that my kids will have them for breakfast this week. Actually this many waffles won't last my family anywhere near a week. Oh well, they'll have waffles for a few days. :)

I also used powdered eggs for the first time (in my waffle batter) made chocolate milk, re-organized my pantry, set up a can rotater, got my husband to build shelves for more food storage rotation in the garage, baked bread, and last, but not least, made hamburgers for dinner.

First I made homemade hamburger buns. SO yummy! I posted the recipe for that one on my other blog. Here's a picture to show them off since I'm so proud. :)

Then I used one pound of our precious little frozen meat left, and mixed in some mashed black beans and cooked wheat to extend it to be enough for 8 people. Actually I used a meatless hamburger recipe but added a pound of meat with a little BBQ sauce. Fried them up and then used up the very last of our produce left in the fridge. And served them up on my homemade buns.

My kids thought they were in heaven. So did I.

So, all in all, very productive week.

Now, lots of people have been asking me how I organize and track my food storage so that will be the subject of my next post. It's a pretty simple system I use but highly effective and user friendly. And of course, I have pictures. :)


  1. You are incredible. Just boggles my mind how organized and motivated you are. AWESOME!

  2. And yet I can't get my visting teachee into it ;)

  3. Wow...I don't even know what my comment is right now except wow....!!! I am soooo impressed!!!

  4. So, you inspired me to make the granola bars from Bishop Hogge. And you are right they are so yummy. I added some craisins and some chocolate chips and they are so good. I don't ever want store bought granola bars again.

  5. Can I get the meatless recipe you used to make the burgers? Trying to get our diet a little healthier and not having much luck with my husband fighting me every step of the way. So I am going to get sneaky. LOL

    The granola bar recipe would be great too. Thanks and good luck.