Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Food Success - and failures!

Ok, I know I was going to post about organizing and rotating but I just didn't get around to taking the pictures I needed so I will do it next time. This week was BUSY! I spent all day on Saturday canning in my garage. I did 250 lbs of sugar, some 13 bean soup, and misc beans for my mom. What was funny was I had to go to Costco to get the sugar, and WinCo to get the beans. I was in a total panic the whole time that someone would see me at the grocery store and think I was cheating! My mom says I'm developing a complex and she might be right. I kept looking over my shoulder the whole time I was at the store.

So I made some recipes this week that are keepers. First off I tried a different graham cracker recipe that I like even better, AND they look even more like the store bought ones. They are better for you too since they contain both wheat and bean flour creating a complete protein to snack on. I'll post the recipe on my other blog under "Graham Crackers - Take Two"

I had another success with Wheat Thins! We LOVED this recipe and the best thing is you could make it with different spices and completely change the flavor of your wheat thins. I made our first batch using garlic salt but this week I'm going to also try cheese flavored, taco flavored, and cinnamon flavored (this might even work as a cereal - like Golden Grahams - I'll let you know). Again I added the recipe on my recipe site.

Speaking of cereal. I made Grape Nuts type cereal that was very easy and was pretty good. My 5 year old likes it a lot. I keep trying cereal recipes because I need quick and easy breakfasts since we all have to be up and out the door so early.

I also had some spectacular failures. I've made 2 versions of mac and cheese so far and they were too disgusting to even choke down. I also can't make edible spreadable butter. I tried adding butter flavoring but it ended up tasting like disgusting popcorn flavored butter. ICK! Not sure where to go from here but I won't rest until I have butter for my toast!


  1. It is now becoming clear why Brienna begs to come over every day after school. Bummer, I thought it was for Trevor, but now.....maybe food?!? Kayla even passed up on some "NOT homemade treats" the other morning, but had a huge smile for the Hostess cupcakes I brought! I will follow your blog, but I can't imagine trying to follow your lifestyle - I just don't have that kind of energy! You go, girl!

  2. Cool--I'm going to try making the graham crackers and wheat thins.